Past Moots

Meet this years Moot Chairs

Keon Coleman

Keon Coleman is a 3L Single JD student who has a passion for mooting and capital markets, M&A, commercial real estate and intellectual property, with the latter supported by a background in neuroscience. He is also an incoming Articling Student at Borden Ladner Gervais and cares deeply about racial justice within the law and society as a whole. Keon looks forward to organizing and hosting an awesome Moot this year that continues to honour Justice Dean’s legacy and support undergraduate students interested in pursuing a legal career!

This Years Moot Committee members

Benjamin Hantsis - Manager of Mooters for the 2023 Lloyd Dean Moot
Nicole Balthazar - Manager of Social Media for the 2022 Lloyd Dean Moot
Abygail Cross - Manager of Volunteers for the 2023 Lloyd Dean Moot

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2021 Virtual Moot

2022 Moot Winners

2021 Moot Winners

2020 Moot Winners

Best Moot Team
Adetayo Adeyeye
Kelvin Adeleye-Apanisile
Shelina Ruda


John Seamann

Meet the founding Moot Chair

Kayla Campbell

It is my honour to be the founding Chair of the Lloyd Dean Moot hosted by the Black Law Students’ Association at the University of Windsor, Faculty of Law. Established in 2019, this mooting competition was envisioned to fill a gap between undergraduate studies and law school. Through the Lloyd Dean Moot, students with an interest in law can compete in a beginner-friendly tournament, gain introductory lawyering skills, and network with law students, law professors, legal practitioners and sitting justices. We also include a session on admission to law school, and friends and family are invited to an awards reception in celebration of the winners. By the end of the event, it is my hope that interested undergraduate students can see themselves belonging at law school.

Meet the Moot Problem Writer

A.J. Grant-Nicholson

A.J. Grant-Nicholson is a lawyer with extensive experience in estate and mental health law, including mental capacity litigation and substitute decision making. A.J. is also a policy advisor and consultant with experience developing large-scale mental health related justice programming.

Prior to founding Grant-Nicholson Law, a private law practice, A.J. led Mental Health Strategy at Legal Aid Ontario. He has worked with stakeholders in the justice and health sectors to improve access to legal services for persons with mental health and addiction needs across Ontario. He has also helped develop community-based initiatives that provide free legal services, such as a pro bono Will program for seniors.

A.J. received a Bachelor of Science with Honours from the University of Toronto and his Juris Doctor from the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law.

A.J. sits on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Centre For Women’s Empowerment and has been a member of the Mental Health Commission of Canada’s Executive Advisory Committee for Mental Health and Justice.

Past Moot Overview

Check out our video, highlighting the 2020 Undergraduate Moot Competition


14 Undergrad Mooters

3 Sitting Justices

All Participants

Moot Committee
Kayla Smith (Chair)
Ebony Evans
Jhanel Dundas
Aucha Stewart
Kendra Wilson
Tia McCalla


Moot Problem Writer
Nashara Peart


Moot Coaches
Emilie Ptak
Shelina Ruda
Savreet Chuckal
Inderdeep Toor
Christopher Zhao

Kayah Clarke
Saveth Sao
John Seamann
Joshua Rocetes
Lorraine Thomas
George Una
Leonard Ancheta
Brayden Butler
Jake Loewen
Spencer Agard
Kevon Jamieson-Hanson
Katrina Hermle
Adetayo Adeyeye
Kelvin Adeleya-Apanisile

Preliminary Round Judges
Jilian Rogin
Jacqueline Eboh
Christian Bron
Logan Annisette
Sabih Ottawa
Jessica Hammond
Katherine Fisher
Gideon Ampofo
Farnaz Talebpour
Tiana Knight
Princess Doe
Stephanie Brown
Matthew Chikaonda

Final Round Justices
Justice Lloyd Dean
Justice Renee Pomerance
Justice Douglas Philips


Mohid Nadeem
Kayla Clarke
Khadija Shamisa
Taiwo Onabolu
Kendra Wilson

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